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Lock Changing Services in Arvada, CO

changing lock3When it comes to discussing when and why you should change your locks, there are plenty of vital aspects that need to be taken into consideration. With a large number of burglaries occurring nowadays, it is quite amazing that people don’t get change their locks as they move in. The first thing you need to do for the protection of you and your family, when you move into a new house or apartment, is to change the locks. You wouldn’t know who had the keys before you decided to move in, and so, you don’t know how may have access to your house.

There are two options available. You can either replace your locks, or resort to re-keying. If you possess rental properties, you are likely to witness quite a lot of tenancy turnover. Having expensive locks replaced may not be a feasible option, as it may well cost you a good amount of money. Therefore, you may either choose to purchase cheap locks, or re-key better quality locks, in order to ensure the optimum safety of your locks.

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With that said, there are plenty of reasons why it is important to change your locks. Here are the top reasons to consider:

  • new home2When you move into a new home, you will want to get new keys as well. You can never know how many keys the previous owners distributed or what type of friends they may have had. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to change your locks to have desired peace of mind.
  • If you ask your neighbors to look after your home while you are away, consider changing the locks. While you may trust the person you gave the key to, there is no way of knowing whether someone with bad intentions had not had access to the key.
  • If you have previously given out keys to the repairman, or any other technician and you didn’t get the keys back, make sure to change the locks. Again, you won’t know who may have had access to the keys.
  • And if you are experiencing separation or divorce, consider changing your locks. Regardless of the fact that you may trust the other person and want an amicable end to the relationship, emotions can often run high and possessions may become an area of contention.
  • You may also need to change locks if you happen to have roommates. Make sure to change the locks as soon as they leave. While you may trust them, you can never be sure of what might happen to that key once they are gone.
  • If your locks are weak and old, it is time to change them. Worn locks are more likely to fail, and you could find yourself locked out.
  • Usually, it is a good idea to change your locks every few years, even if you have not come across any of the above-mentioned situations. As security technology is subject to constant changes, locks can become obsolete. If you have concerns about the safety of your home, you are required to keep up with these changes.

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