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Car Key Replacement in Arvada, CO.

When something goes wrong with the locks of your car, the first person that comes to your mind is auto dealership especially if there is a malfunctioning transponder. Many dealerships charge $220-$250 or more for replacing the transponder keys (keys with special chip for newer cars). This is a very common issue across the US. This expense is not from cutting car key, which is not as high as the car key equipped with a chip-transponder.

Automotive locksmithA large portion of the cost comes from the special electronic chip embedded in the vehicle key itself. If you’ve a perfectly cut car key without requisite programming, you put it in the ignition and turn on the key, nothing will happen. Your car will never start. The dealerships charge a marked up price for transponder chip and also a higher base pay to adequately cover up the salary of their workers. This cost gets passed on to you as customer. Actually, you are entitled to some discount for bringing your car to them!

Usually the benefits of hiring a professional car locksmith escape our attention. It’s mainly because not many of us are aware that these locksmiths are not only more knowledgeable on handling these types of emergencies but also charge much lesser than most car dealerships. With numerous benefits they offer that include mobile service, expertise, ability to create latest hi-tech laser keys on the spot and lower cost, it is wonder that so many car owners still choose to have our vehicles towed to the dealership.

No doubt, workers at local auto dealership are fully capable of repairing any kind of problem in your car, but their knowledge is mostly general whereas a car locksmith has a more precise and specific knowledge and tools to fully handle issues related to car locks. Therefore, you can always depend on their expertise to provide the best solution to all car lock issues.

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Another big issue that you might face when you go to a auto dealership is that you’ll be asked to get your vehicle towed to their workshop if you happen to lock your keys inside or lose them, accidentally. On the other hand, auto locksmiths offer specialized services that handle all these emergency situations. Mostly, their mobile service arrives on the site within 30-40 minutes at the most.

24 hourBiggest benefit of hiring an Auto locksmith is that they are available to you at any hour of the day throughout the year whereas, most car dealerships work only during the business hours.

Latest laser cut keys are now common in new cars and they offer a much better security, but if you happen to lose them, they require the use of highly expensive equipment for recreation. Not many dealerships would carry this type of equipment on site. They would rather make you wait for week or even more till another company creates the key and delivers it to them. Although, not every auto locksmith keeps this type of equipment, plenty of them do. If you have a car that has such a key, it’s good to save the phone number a car locksmith company that can create these laser cut keys

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